Top Social Stories

January 26, 2008

So are you tired of visiting, Slashdot, Propeller, and Stumbleupon just to get your latest news?

Well with the release of Top Social Stories you can get all of your news in ONE place. Every hour on the hour we grab the top stories from Digg, Slashdot, Propeller and Stumbleupon and add them to our database so you can VOTE on them all in once place.

That alone would make this an amazing site, but we also allow users to submit their own articles and have users in the community rate them as well.

Since we are such a new site, currently it only takes 5 votes for your site to hit our FRONT page which is receiving 100s if unique visitors each day and we have been up for only a few days!

Check us out and get on the bandwagon! Visit the site here: