Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Wins ‘Product of the Year’

January 23, 2008

Red Hat (NYSE: RHT), the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, today announced that Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 has been selected as Gold medalist winner in the 2007 ‘Products of the Year’ awards, in the Linux Server Distributions category. This annual award is presented by the editors of TechTarget’s Data Center Media Group.

The ‘Products of the Year’ awards were judged by the editorial staff, in conjunction with a team of users, industry experts, analysts and consultants. Judging was based on six criteria, including innovation, performance, ease of integration into existing environments, ease of use and manageability, functionality and value. Judges characterized Red Hat Enterprise Linux as “a solid choice for mainstream computing,” and “a full-featured release that delivers on a range of roadmap commitments, especially for CPU support, drivers, virtualization and package updates and upgrades.”

With solutions that span from the desktop to the data center, Red Hat Enterprise Linux offers compelling levels of performance, security and robustness, and is certified by leading enterprise hardware and software vendors. Enterprise Linux couples the innovation of open source and the stability of a true enterprise-class platform.

“Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 provides our customers with industry-leading virtualization capabilities, an impressive deployment ecosystem and world-record setting performance,” said Scott Crenshaw, vice president, Enterprise Linux Business at Red Hat. “To be honored as one of SearchEnterpriseLinux’s ‘Products of the Year’ is a testament to the validity of Red Hat solutions.”

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Federal Employment Office switches to Linux

January 23, 2008

Shortly after switching all of its 13,000 public internet information workstations from Windows NT to Linux, the Federal Employment Office (BA) issued an interim report. According to an announcement by Klaus Vitt, CIO for the BA, the switch to open source software will, “allow the BA to react with flexibility to new technological developments. In the future, a broad range of software will be available to the BA that it can use to access various internet media, and to ensure optimal internet communication for its clients.”

The BA is using the OpenSuse 10.1 Remastered distribution and the latest version of the Firefox web browser. The software was installed on the server as a repository and the clients can access it via PXE Boot. The BA told heise online that the switch, concluded at the end of last year, lasted some nine months including planning and did not involve any external service providers – it carried no additional costs.

The BA explained that the migration was necessary because, “The previous combination of Windows NT and Internet Explorer could no longer keep pace with technological developments in how current media content is displayed and was not up to the demands of modern hardware.” In making the switch, the decision for Linux was based on cost and security considerations. On the one hand, implementing Linux carried no licencing costs, on the other hand migrating the clients enabled standardised automation and maintenance procedures, since the BA servers also run Linux. Another plus are the flexible configuration possibilities with Linux.

Because the self-service information workstations are freely accessible, the security requirements are especially high. In that respect, it is an added benefit that only a small number of viruses affect Linux systems. All unnecessary software was removed from computers at the internet centres. In addition, the BA has implemented its own security solutions on the systems.

Brian Carpio To Become RedHat Business Partner

January 11, 2008

Brian Carpio, the owner of The Tek, LLC has just become a RedHat business partner. With over 10 years of professional experience as a Linux/Unix system administrator this partnership will enable Brian Carpio to offer better support to his customers and offer more enterprise level services as well.

Brian Carpio, first began working on RedHat version 4.2 in 1997. RedHat as well all know has grown significantly over the last 10 years.

The Red Hat Partner community is designed to encourage the combination of open source and traditional technologies into the fabric of enterprise computing to provide technology solutions that give customers more choice. By aligning with a comprehensive global network of leading hardware, software, and service provider vendors, Red Hat offers customers a wide variety of proven, industry-standard technology solutions to solve real-world business challenges.

If you are looking for Linux Consulting or RedHat consulting services please contact Brian Carpio and The Tek, LLC at 877-4-TheTek.

Brian Carpio : eMortgage Leads, Inc

January 9, 2008

Brian Carpio has done it again and started eMortgage Leads, Inc a live voice broadcasting mortgage lead generation company.

eMortgage Leads, Inc is owned and operated by business partners Jeremy Still, Robin Priester, and Ben Sanson.

The Technology behind eMortgage Leads’s voice broadcasting system is a VoIP autodialer built and designed by Brian Carpio. Originally designed based of of GnuDialer it was transformed from a predictive dialer into a VoIP Autodialer.

Currently the company has been in business for the last six months and is continuing to grow month after month.

If you are interested in custom VoIP solutions please visit or call Brian Carpio at 877-4-TheTek.

Brian Carpio :: ‘’ :: VoIP Professional

January 8, 2008

Brian Carpio owns and operates The Tek, LLC a Linux and VoIP consulting company. VoIP is a revolutionary new technology that will change the way we ALL think about telecommunications. Brian Carpio has spent years working with top professionals in the VoIP industry including VoIP Consultants for Digium and Qwest Communications.

The problem many VoIP solutions and VoIP companies have is that for years telecommunication experts and network / system engineers have always been separate with little need to share information, with the invention of VoIP came the need for old school telecommunication experts and old school network engineers to work together this has caused major communication breakdown problems inside of companies such as Level3 and Qwest.

The Tek, LLC, along with the direction of Brian Carpio, offers a solution to this problem, we combine the expertise of telecommunication experts with the experience and expertise of an amazing network and system engineer.

We design a wide range of VoIP solutions for our customers, specifically we use Asterisk the open source PBX as the foundation of our solutions here are some examples of solutions we can provide for you and your company:

  • Asterisk PBX Systems
  • VoIP Autodialers and VoIP Voice Broadcasting Systems
  • VoIP Predictive Dialers
  • VoIP Asterisk Calling Card Solutions
  • VoIP Phone Dating Systems
  • And Much more..

Make sure you contact The Tek, LLC, and Brian Carpio for a quote today, they can be reached at 877-4-TheTek.

Advertising On Linked In

January 8, 2008

If you haven’t checked out LinkedIn yet you should and at the very least create a free profile. This site is the best (and I rarely use that word) social networking site for professionals. This site is not a playground for kiddies and spammers, here you will find real professionals with real skills.

For me I run my own consulting company The Tek, LLC . I specialize in Windows, Linux, Solaris, Security and VoIP Consulting, its very important to me and my business that my clients can take a look at what other professionals in the field have to say about me and my skills. That is where LinkedIn comes into play, I can ask past clients and past co-workers to “endorse” me, I can then publish these endorsements and show my clients what real people have to say. Its one thing to show testimonials on your own site, its an entirely different thing when clients can read remarks they know are coming from clients.

Make sure you check it out, and when you are there check out my LinkedIn Profile Brian Carpio