Brian Carpio :: ‘’ :: VoIP Professional

January 8, 2008

Brian Carpio owns and operates The Tek, LLC a Linux and VoIP consulting company. VoIP is a revolutionary new technology that will change the way we ALL think about telecommunications. Brian Carpio has spent years working with top professionals in the VoIP industry including VoIP Consultants for Digium and Qwest Communications.

The problem many VoIP solutions and VoIP companies have is that for years telecommunication experts and network / system engineers have always been separate with little need to share information, with the invention of VoIP came the need for old school telecommunication experts and old school network engineers to work together this has caused major communication breakdown problems inside of companies such as Level3 and Qwest.

The Tek, LLC, along with the direction of Brian Carpio, offers a solution to this problem, we combine the expertise of telecommunication experts with the experience and expertise of an amazing network and system engineer.

We design a wide range of VoIP solutions for our customers, specifically we use Asterisk the open source PBX as the foundation of our solutions here are some examples of solutions we can provide for you and your company:

  • Asterisk PBX Systems
  • VoIP Autodialers and VoIP Voice Broadcasting Systems
  • VoIP Predictive Dialers
  • VoIP Asterisk Calling Card Solutions
  • VoIP Phone Dating Systems
  • And Much more..

Make sure you contact The Tek, LLC, and Brian Carpio for a quote today, they can be reached at 877-4-TheTek.