Digg Changes And Word Of Warcraft Changes Compared!?

One of the largest social bookmarking sites on the internet today makes changes to their algorithm which will open the doors for more webmasters and websites to gain exposure. Read how this compares to the changes that the largest online MMORPG made to satisfy the masses over the hardcore grinders.

Its no surprise that Digg.com has the largest user base of any Social Bookmarking site on the internet today, however Digg.com has been primarily dominated by a small group of “Digg Elitists” who had major control on which articles made the front page and which did not. The problem with this is that most webmasters have feel that gaining exposure from Digg was a waste of time, just take a look at some popular webmaster forums such as DigitalPoint, Syndk8.net, and WebmasterWord.com there are countless threads about people who abandon Digg because “its hopeless to get any exposure there”.

I agree that its time Digg evened up the score and allowed users who don’t spend day and nigh on Digg to still gain exposure from this popular social medium.

So how does this even compare to World Of Warcraft? Well the answer is simple, when burning crusades came out Blizzard made the decision to do away with the 40-man instances and only offer 25-man instances. Many so-called “Hardcore Raiders” where very upset about this decision and many “Casual Players” where extremely excited.

Here is a great article which explains in-depth what exactly blizzard did to open up more content to the “Casual Player”


So why should “communities” such as these continue to try and give a far advantage to the “Casual User” well the answer is quite simple, its the casual user that is going to make or break the site. At the end of the day its the “Casual User” who generates income for these companies not the “Hardcore Users”. It isn’t that we don’t appreciate the hardcore WoW players or even the “Digg Elitists” who helped start and generate the buzz surrounding these companies, because we do appreciate you, but for any company to succeed they need to continue to help even the playing field.

I know I don’t have 10 hours a day to play WoW but I would still like Epic armor, sorry but that is a fact, I would bet most people don’t have 10 hours a day to grind and raid but would still like SOME of the benefits. The same thing goes for Digg, I don’t have 10 hours a day to submit and Digg articles, I can most defiantly spend a few hours a week working on content and promoting what I feel are good, well written articles so should i be penalized because my life doesn’t revolve around Digg? NO.

I also don’t have the time nor the want to try and build some elitist Digg  community so we can inflate the number of “Real” people who are actually interested in my article. This is the wrong approach and its about time Digg and WoW and all other community drive applications take a stand and continue to make their services available to the “Casual Consumer/User”.

So thank GOD Kevin Rose is looking out for the “Casual User” we enjoy your site just as much as the next person, we value the content and we appreciate the chance to have a fair chance with our articles.

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